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About Us

WNews is a W-World Company 

WNews is the place to be for the latest global news. Started in 2012 as World News Network7, we want to bring the news back to the news with unbiased reporting of the news. We believed that news should be honest and trustworthy.


– In 2012, worldnewsnetwork7.com was launched to the public.

– In March 2014, World News Network was rebranded to WNewsNetwork with a new redesign mobile app.

– December 24, 2014,  wnewsnetwork.com website was launched. WNews is your news, entertainment, and sports website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the News and Sports industry.

– September 2017: WNews 3.0 was launched with new features.

– June 2019: WNews 5 was launch with a new layout and features

Staff/Writer Contacts

Eric Boland (Writer/Editorial)



Ownership Information

WNews and it’s related brands is owned and operated by the WNews Broadcasting Corp, a W-World company (Incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act or CBCA).

For more information on W-World Media, please visit w-worldmedia.com.

News Sources

We use the following sources for News stories which is credited back to the original writer and source.

  • BBC News
  • Cable News Network (CNN) – cnn.com 
  • CBC News for Canada News -cbcnews.ca
  • Seattle Times 
  • AP – ap.org
  • CNET, a part of CBS – cnet.com
  • And other news sources as required.
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Welcome to The New W.News

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to W.News 6, the most extensive update ever. Please bear with us as we continue to work on and fine tune the new site. WNewsNetwork.com will remain online until June 30, 2024.