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Canadian Retail giant London Drugs hit by Cybersecurity Incident

Vancouver, BC (WNEWS) - Canadian retail giant and drug chain London Drugs has announced Sunday,

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Several civilians and military members have been killed by Israeli airstrikes in Syria’s Aleppo, according to Syrian state-run media

Aleppo, Syria (WNEWS #BREAKING) -- According to the #Syrian state news agency SANA, a series of Israeli airstrikes targeting areas

By WNews

Schools say kids are compulsively using social media. But experts say they learned from the best

What happens when the generation of kids whose parents shared all their milestones online gets older and starts using social media themselves?Several

By WNews

B.C.'s iconic Martin Mars water bomber to become 'centrepiece' of new museum exhibit

When wildfires burn in B.C., there's always the question: where is the Martin Mars water bomber? It's an iconic piece of

By WNews

Man switched at birth renews calls for N.L. government to apologize

It took Clarence Hynes five years to order a DNA test, which would prove the inevitable fact he didn't want to confront.His

By WNews

On pre-budget charm offensive, Trudeau announces plans to expand $10-a-day child care

Politics·NewThe federal government's pre-budget charm offensive is back for a second straight day — this time aimed at parents and

By WNews

Beyoncé's country era is here. Will it change anything for Black country musicians?

On the surface, Beyoncé and Sacha Visagie have little in common.Where Beyoncé was born in Houston, Visagie grew up in the tiny town

By WNews

Ontario Power Generation employees top Ontario's 2023 Sunshine List

Five employees at Ontario Power Generation are in the top 10 earners on the province's so-called sunshine list for 2023,

By WNews

Israel must take steps to allow more food and water into Gaza, UN top court orders

The top United Nations court on Thursday ordered Israel to take measures, including opening more land crossings to allow food, water, fuel

By WNews
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